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The Unstoppable

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The Unstoppable Empty The Unstoppable

Post by Becca on Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:41 am

The Unstoppable DLUOwhg

I'm reviving my old clan named The Unstoppable " clan " with new updated rules or whatever.
We're here to stop drama, scammers(Which we could record with screen-tape). Of course we can grind for some items, beat lord fuse, attend to events. I may aswell have to make some rules pretty soon.

1. No Cursing, Flaming, Dramas, Trolling.
2.Do not tell your personal Information
3. FusionFall Legacy's rules are included too.
4.Do not frame anyone.
5.Don't do something stupid without me, co-leader, or General with you.
6.To do something in other place, unexpected way, please ask permission to do it alone or with clan mates.
7.Have fun
(If you have a suggestion for improved and better rules, please PM me)

Ranks can be updated, once you read your own ranks, but earn them to be higher rank. Thanks.!

Members' rank:
Leader: Nari - IGN: Nari Eclipse
Co-Leader: Selena Aerosteel
General: Crash Djflyer
Pro Unstoppable: Ben Buttoncoyote
Pro Unstoppable: Psy10 - IGN: Winterlynn Sugar Shorter
Pro Unstoppable: Rioxnation
Private Ranger: Rextic
Private Ranger: Undead Brad - IGN: The Cypher
Private Ranger: Nano Zac
Recruit: Super Twisted Megaboy
Recruit: Captain CalvinTusk
Recruit: Luckas1971
Recruit: Ferbbat101
Recruit: Johnny Test
Recruit: somefusionfallguy
Recruit: ElewardoRules
Recruit: ATOMSK
Recruit: Batpenguin
Recruit: ekens_
Recruit: Aero
Recruit: Ender
Recruit: DexlabsBigfoot - IGN: Agent Phantombullet
Recruit: Oddie84
Recruit: XD001
Recruit: rage8
Recruit: Pr0Hunt3r
Recruit: Ranger Tom
Recruit: strikr123
Recruit: FusionGamer
Recruit: airman88
Recruit: Skyler
Recruit: Thewizkid202
Recruit: sxzdrifter
Recruit: BlueParadox
Recruit: RSunny
Recruit: epicdance1234
Recruit: Theculdesacking
Recruit: pistolcool
Recruit: Leo_Valdez - IGN: DragonLord_Alpha
Recruit: Toshobro
Recruit: Winter - IGN: Winter Fell
Recruit: Megaman15
Recruit: MR_Neon - IGN: Max Atomic Raccoon
Updated Recruit's mispelling word.

-Pro Unstoppable
-Private Ranger

-The Poisoned Youth
-The Runway's
-Grim Reapers
-Radioactive Racccoons
-Ace of Spades
[We allow some allies to be ally with our clan, To be ally of my clan, You must be a good clan to help to fightLord fuse.]

Clan's Signature (If you want to use it, that's fine. Only clan members can use it.)
The Unstoppable 93sd6al

If you need to know how to put your signature in, Do it without spaces.(Put them back together then it'll work. For new members, though.)

DO NOT use signatures, They are closed for now, for what Dex7322 said:http://interact.modulatornetwork.com/FFL/index.php?topic=1674.msg28830#new

Joining to our clan is closed for now, If you have a suggestion for some rules, Feel free to tell me! Joining my clan will beopen soon as FusionFall retro opens to public. 
Rules are now added, Now you know what you're supposed to know about them. '-' Have fun.

[size=32]Reminder:[/size]We're not accepting anymore members at the moment, Until the game goes Muiltplayer. Keep this topic unlocked. but I will notify you, Clan staff, about this. Futhermore, I will not accept anymore members, Thanks!

School has already started for me, but some of you probably do. Good luck! For those who are in this clan, Please post your character and your IGN. I will begin to add IGN beside their names.
[size=32]Update: [/size]FusionFallRetro alpha beta has been opened, Once it releases in public, for those who have already tested the servers. It will be Multiplayer game once it comes to public. We will gather the members in each group of our ranks to learn about FF. but if you are an old player who played FF, You can message me how you knew about the game, then maybe i'll put you as Volunteer.

Last edited by Yang Yellow on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:05 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Few new Updates for the clan.)

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The Unstoppable Empty Re: The Unstoppable

Post by Becca on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:40 pm

Club has been locked due to shutdown. We made a new one called " The Outcasts " The Outcasts Link

The Unstoppable PJXnTVK

Posts : 114
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