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Post by Becca on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:18 am

This forums may need to be alive soon as possible, Full of people making topics, posts and etc, please help us to have this forums alive.

FFL News: We have made forums/website. Thank you for over 1,000 posts. Link: http://fusionfalllegacy.forumotion.com/ More stuff is coming soon.

FMHQ news: If you haven't heard anything from Dex/Jake here you go!

F.M.H.Q. End of Service Announcement - 9.19.14

A tough decision, indeed...

Folks, after thinking about making this grim decision for the longest time, it's unfortunately time for me to say it for good. The F.M.H.Q. online community will be closing on September 29, 2014. I simply cannot take it anymore; working so hard and trying to come up with solutions to a big problem in the general FusionFall community; the lack of our favorite virtual world being open to us for what has now been about a year and a month. FusionFall was a truly brilliant concept that was in the hands of a company who couldn't care any less for its strong (and profitable, might I add) potential. It is quite simply beyond my reach to keep things interesting here and to convince Cartoon Network to bring our favorite game back. This has caused me a great amount of stress as of late which therefore lead to this decision.

With all of this being said, services including the forums, F.M.H.Q. Live, the Minecraft server, the OLR portal powered by NanoCom X, and all other F.M.H.Q. subfeatures will be unavailable after all assets are removed from the publicly accessible network. (FusionModHQ.com, Community.FusionModHQ.com, MC.FusionModHQ.com, Revive.FusionModHQ.com, Legacy.FusionModHQ.com, etc.)

However, take note that for promotional reasons and because many of you still believe in the OLR petition I launched over on Change.org (which will continue despite F.M.H.Q.'s shutdown), our social media outlets via Facebook and Twitter will still be maintained by me, myself, and I. The co-managers of the Role-Play-based sister forum of F.M.H.Q. hosted on Forumotion also asked me to remind you all that that site will remain online as well; though still under supreme ownership and management of JMX Digital. However, you guys don't have to worry about major unwanted change, as the co-managers have it all basically under control, and I'm not really being all that strict at what goes on over there.

Also; in case you have not heard, I have a 'yet-to-be-officially-announced' project in the works. Before I had begun thinking about the shutdown of FusionModHQ.com, I had intentions to expand the F.M.H.Q. fanbase itself into this new project, therefore explaining its name; the Modulator Network. Now, in the event that I just so happen to launch this project successfully, all F.M.H.Q. account data will be transferred to the new Modulator Network. At this point however, I cannot be 100% certain that this thing will kick off successfully, and I can't reveal a whole lot about what the Modulator Network will be about at this time, but I invite you all to stay tuned to F.M.H.Q. social media for the details to come later; and again, if at all. What I can say that if you're any type of general digital entertainment enthusiast, you may come to enjoy what will hopefully be offered this December.

To conclude, it has certainly been a pleasure being a major contributor to the FusionFall community by developing the Fusion Modulation Headquarters and maintaining it for the past five years. I could not be more proud of how it became a favorite website to FusionFall players all over the world... That alone is pretty powerful stuff in my eyes. You were all great people to work with. Your creativity and humor has left me in awe about how amazing the general FusionFall community is. I want to wish all of you the absolute best in your futures if I don't see you at the Modulator Network when/if it launches, and as T.O.M. would say, 'Stay gold.' You all rock. I'm going to miss this. Very... VERY much.

Jake Durr (dex7322) :: Founder and Webmaster of the Fusion Modulation Headquarters

Good luck, fellow Fusionfallers! FFL is still working on our game! Let's hope.

Last edited by BeccaNighteon on Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:32 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Fixed FFL's official website link.)

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