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Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing

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Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing Empty Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing

Post by GamerShelke on Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:29 pm

Hello, my name is Shelke! My facebook would imply I'm Syn, but no that's an old name, just call me Shelke.

Honestly didn't get to play that much FusionFall, it was an MMO I fell back on when I got bored of World of Warcraft. Most of when I played was back in early 2009, then returned again just after the "New Beginning" update. Came back about a month ago to find the dreadful news that it had been shut down! A heinous crime that.

So I'm here to offer whatever support I can to the couple of restoration projects I've seen still valiantly standing, in the hopes we'll see our beloved world restored. Just remember. If we give up, Fuse wins.

Ways to reach me outside of this site:
DeviantArt: GamerShelke
Steam: GamerShelke
World of Warcraft: GamerShelke#1333
FlightRising: GamerShelke
If I'm on any other FF sites in the future, it'll be under the name GamerShelke.

Please note while I do adhere to the rules here, I'm a lot more...colorful...with my speech & subject matters on other non FF related sites, so if you choose to contact me outside, you've been warned! =P

I'm also an avid RP'er, so if anybody wants to hit me up for FF RP, don't hesitate to ask!

Happy to meet you all and glad to be back in the fight!

Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing 3741233111

"You never used to have a problem knowing how to use your arms. That's what the girls say." -  Ben Tennyson.  
The last character we ever expected any kind of innuendo from.  Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing 570565267
"Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional."

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Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing Empty Re: Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing

Post by Becca on Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:04 am

Welcome to our forums! I hope you enjoy staying here! Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing 159346003

Shelke's Wild Introduction...ing PJXnTVK

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